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Vacationing and Eating Organic

When going on vacation it is no surprise your diet changes. You may drink more, you may snack more and trying to find wholesome food for the family can be tough when staying in a small Florida city. We did the same thing last year and since Whole Foods is a 45 minute drive we stocked up and make a few trips throughout our stay. My wife (Andrea of course) loves Whole Foods and it is an excursion she looks forward to. That was last year.

This year we thought we would get smart and order online from an big online natural food store and have our order delivered the day after we got there. Wrong. I suppose I should have read the expected delivery dates as we are now expecting our “big order” on Tuesday… and we leave Friday morning. Oh damn. I ordered Tuesday night last week but apparently it takes 24-72 hours before they ship it out (which is another 2 days). I better buy another suitcase for the $300usd+ amount of food we are getting!

Here in Florida (Navarre Beach this year) they have Walmarts and Wynn Dixies and Publix all over the place. Out of those 3 we like the Publix as they have a decent assortment of organic foods. The prices (but not selection) are better at Walmart and you can always get some cheap toys too.

The really funny thing is our prices beat almost all the US prices down here so we really could have saved money by buying from and paying for the extra suitcase!

On the positive side our rental house has no scale to shame us!



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