GORP Clean Energy Bars GORP – Ginger Snap & Apple 12 x 65g


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Energy Bar Food with a great story to tell! Made with REAL ingredients grown on the Canadian prairies. Brought to you by a farmer and a busy mom/wanna-be athlete, this bar packs a punch with 11 grams of protein from NON BLOATING sprouted brown rice , 6 grams of fiber and 1 full gram of omega 3. The superstar ingredients aren’t just sprinkled in either! You get 1 full teaspoon of ground flax and 2 teaspoons of raw hemp in every bar:) The package is RESEALABLE! So you won’t find this bar all over the inside of your gym bag, pocket or purse! Nice:) www.gorpworld.com

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Weight 0.92 kg
Dimensions 1 × 9 × 12 cm


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